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trends link is broken in nagios 4.3.4

PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 2:03 am
by rockyyyy
We are using Nagios 4.3.4 on ubuntu 20.04. This is a fresh installation of the Nagios server.

But found out the trends and histogram links are broken.

1. Click Hosts on the left side, and select any host.
2. On the left upper corner, click "View Trends For This Host".
The link is broken with 404 not found error, the URL goes to https://domain/cgi-bin/trends.html?host=hostname
3. This only breaks on the host or service page.
If click the "Trends" under "Reports" section on the left middle side of the main page. The trends can display correctly.

And if I directly use the URL https://domain/nagios4/cgi-bin/trends.cgi?host=hostname it will work.
Wonder how could I fix this issue?