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Ping timing out and generating a notification

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Ping timing out and generating a notification

Postby scaata » Thu Mar 10, 2022 9:35 am


I have a server in downtime, including all its services but, at 18:45 every day, I get a notification that the 'ping' active check has failed.
No other checks generate a notification.

In the log, I see this:

[1646505969] SERVICE NOTIFICATION: alarmpoint-ooh;DBA21A01;ping;CRITICAL;notify-by-alarmpoint-ooh;CRITICAL - Plugin timed out
[1646505969] SERVICE NOTIFICATION: alarmpoint;DBA21A01;ping;CRITICAL;dont-notify;CRITICAL - Plugin timed out
[1646505969] SERVICE NOTIFICATION: ora-dba-alarmpoint;DBA21A01;ping;CRITICAL;href-notify-by-email;CRITICAL - Plugin timed out
[1646505969] SERVICE NOTIFICATION: udss-rms;DBA21A01;ping;CRITICAL;service-by-email;CRITICAL - Plugin timed out
[1646505969] SERVICE NOTIFICATION: unixteam;DBA21A01;ping;CRITICAL;dont-notify;CRITICAL - Plugin timed out
[1646505969] SERVICE NOTIFICATION: sbsuser1;DBA21A01;ping;CRITICAL;dont-notify;CRITICAL - Plugin timed out
[1646505970] wproc: NOTIFY job 764328 from worker Core Worker 3436 is a non-check helper but exited with return code 2
[1646505970] wproc: host=DBA21A01; service=ping; contact=udss-rms
[1646505970] wproc: early_timeout=0; exited_ok=1; wait_status=512; error_code=0;
[1646505970] wproc: stderr line 01: execvp(/u08/nagios/libexec/eventhandlers/service-by-email, ...) failed. errno is 2: No such file or directory

I don't understand why I am getting a notification for just this one check but none of the others, when the host is in scheduled downtime.
Any ideas, anyone?
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