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From Nagios/Munin to where

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From Nagios/Munin to where

Postby DennisSSebasiStephen » Thu Mar 17, 2022 6:31 am

We want to modernize the monitoring tools for the company. We are currently using nagios-munin for monitoring, for about 5 years. The problem we have with Nagios is the config complexity, the munin side does not have a modern enough interface, so no one looks at the monitoring screen.

There are about 250 servers and they are all linux-on-premise within the company. We do not monitor any applications, only the health checks of existing servers are important to us. We want to modernize the system a bit, maybe we can monitor the hardware and drivers we tested on the servers. Or we can include jenkins and other tools in monitoring.

I've looked through a few current tools, I've also tried prometheus/grafa, zabbix, even nagios/grafana integration. Felt like the most seamless prometheus/grafana integration. However, when I did a little research, I saw that they generally prefer prometheus by application monitoring, cloud, and SaaS. Is it just unnecessary for linux servers to health check and monitor a few applications in the future? We also need to store 1-2 years of monitoring data, and we would like to see a 1-year timeline on the graphs.

In this case, what kind of comparison would you make when we put the nagios/munin, prometheus/grafana, zabbix triad on the table. As I said before, all servers are on-premise, there is no cloud service.

Thanks in advance.
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