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Issues with Nagios Graphs and Monitoring Engine

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Issues with Nagios Graphs and Monitoring Engine

Postby dsynapalos » Thu Mar 17, 2022 1:13 pm

Hello, there seems to be an issue with posting this question in the customer forum.
Nonetheless the actual problem is twofold:
After migrating an existing Nagios installation to a different server (Centos 7 to RHEL 8.5) via backup-fresh install-restore there are issues with the monitoring engine suddenly stoping and even while working properly there are issues with the graphs being produce since they contain perioding dips -see attached image

As is apparent there are periodic dips in the graph and after a point around 15:00 the monitoring engine is down, leaving the graph to trail off into null. After 09:00 the monitoring engine service is restarted and the graph perks up -but still contains the periodic dips.

Please provide assitance with both issues.
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