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Nagios core behind proxy

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Nagios core behind proxy

Postby gambeta » Fri Mar 25, 2022 1:29 pm

Hi everyone,

Here is my issue.
I first installed nagios core on ubuntu. It was working fine. I had to implement a reverse proxy because I had installed other web application. All of them are working fine except nagios.

How do I make changes to nagios and reverse proxy config files to make nagios working with my reverse proxy?

I'm using apache web application.

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Re: Nagios core behind proxy

Postby SuomyNonaPatri » Tue Apr 05, 2022 6:24 am

I spent a couple of days trying to reverse proxy three XI instances with Apache with the same results. I tries rewriting all sorts of things in URLs and content. No go.

I ended up installing Thruk as a front end to our Nagos XI instances. Had to install livestatus alongside XI on each of the monitoring servers. I then proxied Thruk instead. This doesn't give us everything XI bundles, but I am looking into proxying components separately and configuring them in Thruk. Thruk gives us the "one interface" view of multiple data centers I was hoping Nagios Fusion would be.

Also looking into incorporating check_mk now that it is installed for livestatus.

My opinion is don't waste too much time trying to proxy Nagios XI, although you could proxy the core install itself and the nagios mobile component on the xi server omegle shagle instead.
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