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Using of Azure Linux VM, PING CRITICAL-Packet loss = 100%

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Using of Azure Linux VM, PING CRITICAL-Packet loss = 100%

Postby Balamari Kaleeswaran » Tue Apr 12, 2022 3:27 am

Hi Sir,

I added a Linux host on my Ubuntu Nagios server. I did it using proper procedures. Then I checked it out. Of these, only the host is PING Critical for me. While doing this process on Azure Linux VM, I tried a public IP address in its configuration. But, I get PING 100% loss, it is in host down. But, its services work. Tell me how to solve this. So, please let me know if there are any solutions for this.

Thanks and Regards,
Balamari Kaleeswaran
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Balamari Kaleeswaran
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