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simulate nagios notifications

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simulate nagios notifications

Postby ClaudeSj456 » Thu Apr 28, 2022 11:15 pm

My normal method of testing the notification and escalation chain is to simulate a failure by causing one, for example blocking a port.

But this is thoroughly unsatisfying. I don't want down time recorded in nagios where there was none. I also don't want to wait.

Does anyone know a way to test a notification chain without causing the outage? For example something like this:

$ ./check_notifications_chain <service|host> <time down>
at <x> minutes notification email sent to group <people>
at <2x> minutes notification email sent to group <people>
at <3x> minutes escalated to group <management>
at <200x> rm -rf; shutdown -h now executed.
Extending this paradigm I might make the notification chain a nagios check in itself, but I'll stop here before my brain omegle voojio explodes.

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