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Nagios does not send mails for all notifications

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Nagios does not send mails for all notifications

Postby alexschmitz » Wed May 25, 2022 5:53 am

Hello everyone,

I am running Nagios Core 4.4.7 on RedHat 7.

In the last few days I have noticed that not all notifications are sent by mail. It is a pretty odd behaviour and seems to be completely random.

For testing reasons I created a service to be checked with 2 contacts in the corresponding contact group.

What i have experienced so far is that everything is possible. Both receipients are notified by mail, only one is notfied and even sometimes no one is.

Out of 10 notifications, there were like 8 sent to both contacts, 1 notification sent to only one contact and 1 notification was not sent at all.

- The notifications for both contacts are ALWAYS shown in Nagios GUI and log file
- The notifications for both contacts are ALWAYS show in /var/log/messages
- The missing mails for one or both contacts are NEVER shown in /var/log/maillog. Neither as dropped, deferred etc.

I disabled all other checks for the duration of testing, there was no cpu-load whatsoever.

I tried all debug levels on both Nagios and Postfix, but no clue was given as to why the missing mails do not seem to be created and sent out.

Did anyone of you ever experience such a behaviour?

Thanks in advance!

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