Monitoring recording via Nagios or similar

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Monitoring recording via Nagios or similar

Post by SandrilaFriman »

I'd like to automate monitoring BI to ensure that it is continuously recording and saving footage. It's happened a few times where BI just stops storing footage and I don't find out until a week or two later.

I am using LibreNMS (similar to Nagios) and would like to have it monitor BI echatspin echatrandom. How would you go about this?
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Re: Monitoring recording via Nagios or similar

Post by JohnSonandrla »

I found a blueiris Nagios check on the Nagios exchange I think. I found it too but it’s very basic. It can’t alert t camera, for example. I was hoping for something a bit more omegle shagle voojio involved.
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Re: Monitoring recording via Nagios or similar

Post by DeepMohinman »

For Continuous Recordings, Alerts are 'pointers' to the alerts in the continuous bvr files, and not separate video files.
Yes, this would save a lot of space, but is not possible. As Russians would say... 'Is potato'.

This may be a good feature update request... Export all alerts from continuous bvr's before deleting/moving.

Other than individually Exporting each clip in the 'Clips list/Alerts' tab one-by-one!, there are a few options...

Change the Cameras Recording to 'When Triggered'.
I don't like this option either. I want Continuous recording on all main cameras.

If you want Continuous & Separate Files for each alert managed by BI...
- Clone the camera, and set it's recording to 'When Triggered'. You can then set retention greater than that of the Master camera's continuous 5 days. Another benefit is you can set different Zone(s) & triggering to narrow the Alert recordings. There's a bit of overhead using this method, but you'll get to keep the alerts for as long as you want.

I've run into this same issue in the past, and have experimented with ''FTP Backup' unsuccessfully. I couldn't figure out how to setup a ftp server jsut for me with no outside access. My plan was to setup a ftp server, and manually select the clips in 'Clips List/Alerts' and queue them. This would simplify exporting several clips (for continuous recording). omegle shagle voojio I ended up Cloning the camera and setting it as 'When Triggered'. Hummmm, I may try again.
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