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NagiosXI performance data

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2022 5:16 am
by SharphSonirak
In NagiosXI I've been using the etherStatsPkt and etherStatsOctets from the RMON mib defined in RFC 1757 and I've notices some strange behavior when it comes to Performance Data.

The snmp_check will return data like

SNMP OK - 11287022 Packets | RMON-MIB::etherStatdPkts.8=11287022c

However, when this ends up in Performance Data graphs it ends up as a value like 0.796c. I'm not sure what the relationship between these two numbers is, but I know that these mibs are Counter type.

Does anyone know how NagiosXI handles Counters? This is this the average increments per second since the last check or something? I'm just not sure how to process this information, and I can't really find any echatspin echatrandom documentation about it.