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Nagios Log Server a good option

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Nagios Log Server a good option

Postby SohamMaoor » Wed Aug 10, 2022 4:07 am

I have been testing out a few different syslog applications. I installed Graylog and found it to be robust but a bit cumbersome and since it was the free version, virtually no support. We also were getting 30GB+ a day just on the servers (but I had NXlog collecting everything). I need to get something that is a little easier to set up/maintain and my budget is around $5000/year. We currently use NagiosXI, which I love, so I have been considering their Log Server application. It is my understanding that it was built on ELK but doesn't have the full power of ELK. We are a small financial institution with around 120 workstations, 40 servers and 25 echatspin echatrandom network devices. TIA
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