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Nagios over WAN

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2022 12:27 am
by FlanZarianick
Would like to looking into the feasibility doing Nagios monitoring over WAN. As I understand it isnt directly supported, though I know there are some plugins that allows for it on Linux machines via ssh. However most of the target machines I want to monitor are windows. I read about distributed monitoring in the Nagios documentation and it seems one way I can do it is to use Nagios Fusion. However it requires a Nagios server at the remote site to act as a kind of Nagios proxy that would communicate back to the main nagios fusion server at our company office. Just wondering if theres any other way to remotely monitor end devices at a remote site without having to setup a server at the remote site (ie, agents communicate directly with nagios omegle shagle voojio server over the internet)