Nagios Cert Store monitoring

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Nagios Cert Store monitoring

Post by EdwardSMaTeresa »

Does anyone know a way to check for certificate expiration on a remote computer's personal store? Monitoring server is nagios core on Ubuntu. Remote is Server 2019 with NCPA client. All versions are echatspin echatrandom relatively up to date.
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Re: Nagios Cert Store monitoring

Post by PaulRajeshMEzra45 »

I would suggest file system size check to make sure you stay to a respectable level to where you don't fill up. Also suggest amount of users on a system at once and have nagios check that.

id suggest possibly nrpe doing a check_http specifiy interface or maybe check the community see if someone has created something. I can check when I go to work to see if you can specify interface. Or you could check ping out of a certain interface using nrpe.


Just check_http and omeglz echat search for a string
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Re: Nagios Cert Store monitoring

Post by gormank »

Have you tried looking on the exchange site? ... ve&ssui=on
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Re: Nagios Cert Store monitoring

Post by VeroniTasingolir »

Your host definition should only specify an IP address for the 'address'. The URL is not an attribute of the host, but of the HTTP check your want to perform.

The Service definition specifies the check_command, which is in turn defined in the checkcommands.cfg file. This will specify exactly what command is to be run, possibly using additional parameters passed.

You will probably want to pass the port number as a parameter, and that you are to use HTTPS. How to do this will depend on your settings. For example, you could use this in your omegle shagle voojio checkcommands.cfg:
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Re: Nagios Cert Store monitoring

Post by cdevidal »

I don't know the exact answer to your question, but I do know that often the best way forward to monitor anything is to first write a small script on the server being monitored, make it return a string 'OK' and exit status 0 if the status of the service is healthy, or 'CRITICAL' and exit status 2 if not healthy. Then make it executable by the nagios username (use sudoers if necessary) and add that to your nrpe.cfg.
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