How can I resolve the issue of bandwidth.rrd files not updating?

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How can I resolve the issue of bandwidth.rrd files not updating?

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I have recently installed Nagios Network Analyzer version 2.4.2 on RHEL8.4, and I'm experiencing an issue with the bandwidth.rrd files not updating automatically. Let me summarize the current situation:

The nfcapd files are being populated successfully and have been confirmed using the command "nfdump -r <nfcapd.???>".
In the web UI, I can see the top 5 talkers without any problem.
However, the bandwidth.rrd files only update when I manually stop and start the sources from the web UI. Once I perform this action, the bandwidth.rrd files for the specific sources I restarted begin to update and display data in the web UI.
The issue arises after a system reboot or when restarting the nagiosna.service, as the files stop updating until I manually go into the web UI and repeat the stop/start process for all 74 configured sources. This workaround is not practical in the long run.
Upon checking the backend.log file, I noticed that it remains empty and shows no errors until I manually stop/start the sources through the web UI.
I have also compared the processes and found no discernible differences between them.
In an attempt to troubleshoot the problem further, I disabled nagiosna.service from starting on boot, restarted the server, and manually initiated nagiosna.service. However, even with these changes, the bandwidth.rrd files still fail to update unless I perform the stop/start action in the web UI.

After reviewing various forum posts, I have verified that the time zone configuration matches, eliminating that as a potential cause.

Given the current situation, I'm uncertain about the next steps to resolve this issue and ensure that the sources update correctly. I would greatly appreciate guidance on how to proceed from here.
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