SQL Error [nagiosxi] : Table 'nagiosxi.xi_cmp_favorites' doesn't exist SQL Error [nagiosxi] : Table 'nagiosxi.xi_users'

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SQL Error [nagiosxi] : Table 'nagiosxi.xi_cmp_favorites' doesn't exist SQL Error [nagiosxi] : Table 'nagiosxi.xi_users'

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I just want to ask for your help on the problem that our client is facing. It happens when the power interruption occurred then suddenly the UPS of the server crashed that caused shutting down of the server. The first problem they encountered was Nagios Monitoring Server Disappeared all Host then after that they can't logged in on the WUI of the NagiosXI. We already conducted a remote session and didn't resolve the issue. We noticed that the problem is already on their SQL Server. Please let me know, what can we do to resolve this issue.?
"SQL Error [nagiosxi] : Table 'nagiosxi.xi_cmp_favorites' doesn't exist"
"SQL Error [nagiosxi] : Table 'nagiosxi.xi_users' doesn't exist"


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Re: SQL Error [nagiosxi] : Table 'nagiosxi.xi_cmp_favorites' doesn't exist SQL Error [nagiosxi] : Table 'nagiosxi.xi_use

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Have you tried repairing the database table? Database corruption is usually caused by power outages, running out of disk space or improper shutting down the Nagios XI server.

You can repair the databases by running the following commands in the command line as the root user:

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cd /usr/local/nagiosxi/scripts/

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Refer to these documents for troubleshooting and commands on crashed database table
Crashed Database Tables https://answerhub.nagios.com/support/s/ ... s-8f5b7a37
Repairing the Nagios XI Databases https://answerhub.nagios.com/support/s/ ... s-d16e97e8
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