Scheduled downtime confusion

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Scheduled downtime confusion

Postby Satyam » Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:07 am


I have been a long time Nagios user, but i think i forgot or get confused today when told to schedule downtime for a host in maintenance activity.

I have an auto ticket integration in HP SD using global eventhandlers in Nagios. So I got queries for two points here.

1) Does schedule downtime for a host/service stops eventhandlers also for it, for the time it's in scheduled downtime (couldn't find this info anywhere not on Nagios site or on internet) like it suppresses notifications for the scheduled downtime of the host/service. I am asking bcoz i don't need any tickets registerd for the devices going to DOWN during the downtime period/activity.

2) Is there any feature in Nagios that will auto expire the scheduled downtime once the device recovers or goes into OK state, long before the end time of scheduled downtime, it happens sometimes, it takes less than expected times !!!, (revers of flexible downtime offering...) so that normal monitoring starts after the device has recoverd and alerts and tickets should start registering as normal as like downtime has finished before.
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Re: Scheduled downtime confusion

Postby mguthrie » Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:12 am

Take a look at this doc, it might help clarify the order of execution for event handlers and notifications.
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