MRTG and Nagios XI

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MRTG and Nagios XI

Postby cdcrawford » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:24 pm

Good afternoon,

I have used the Nagios XI Config Wizard to add a switch/router to monitor bandwidth.

I've looked at the MRTG configuration after it was done, which appears to only be monitoring bandwidth, which is fine. I'd like to also montior ifErrors, ifDiscards. Both in and out. On one graph.

Is this something that I can do?

This is the output from my mrtg config for the port.
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Target[IP-addr_192]: 192:public@IP-addr:::::3
SnmpOptions[IP-addr_192]: privpassword=>'privPass',authpassword=>'authPass',authprotocol=>'sha',privprotocol=>'aes',username=>'username'
SetEnv[IP-addr_192]: MRTG_INT_IP="No Ip" MRTG_INT_DESCR="Avaya-Virtual-Services-Platform-7254XSQ---10GbLR-Port-1/1"
MaxBytes[IP-addr_192]: 1250000000
Title[IP-addr_192]: Traffic Analysis for 192 -- VSP7200
PageTop[IP-addr_192]: <h1>Traffic Analysis for 192 -- VSP7200</h1>
<div id=sysdetails> table stuff... not really needed??</div>

How do I add errors and discards to the above section?

I had this in the target before, and it was obviously broken. The check command threw all kinds of errors.

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Target[IP-Addr_192]: ifInErrors.192&ifOutErrors.192&ifOutDiscards.192&ifInDiscards.192&192:public@IP-addr:::::3

Ultimately, I'd like to have the following on one graph:
inErrors, outErrors, inDiscards, outDiscards, and in and out bandwidth.

Is this something I can do? Or do I need to have many sensors to do it?

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Re: MRTG and Nagios XI

Postby scottwilkerson » Wed Oct 30, 2019 2:40 pm

I'm going to preface my response with Nagios XI isn't going to know how to pull this information from the MRTG RRD unless you have craften another way, one is not builtin and I do not have a solution.

That said, I will show you the proper call for MRTG
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Target[IP-Addr_192]: InOctets.192&OutOctets.192&ifInErrors.192&ifOutErrors.192&ifOutDiscards.192&ifInDiscards.192:public@IP-addr:::::3
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