Nagios plugins - copy and execute?

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Nagios plugins - copy and execute?

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I have a Nagios server installation up and running. I'm starting to deploy check_mk out to all my client machines. I am using mrpe for custom checks on my client machines. As one of the checks, I would like to use the check_ssh plugin. I tried to copy check_ssh from another machine to the client but it looks like it won't allow me to run it this way. Can I get away from actually installing the nagios agent and just stick to check_mk and be able to run Nagios plugins?

The exact error I am getting is: check_ssh: fatal: open failed: No such omegle shaglevoojio file or directory
thanks in advance
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Re: Nagios plugins - copy and execute?

Post by gormank »

If you're missing the library on a host you should be able to install it. Or install all the plugins according to the docs.
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