How do I use Nagios to monitor a log file that generates a r

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How do I use Nagios to monitor a log file that generates a r

Post by BrusterThemand »

This the log file that I want to monitor:

I want Nagios to read it this log file so I can monitor a specific string.

The issue is with 15215125111115 this is the random id that gets generated

Here is my script where the Nagios is checking for the Logfile path:


HOSTNAMEIP=$(/bin/hostname -i)
DATE=$(date +%F)

CHECK=$(/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_logfiles/check_logfiles --tag='failorder' --logfile=/test/james-${date +"%F"}_-${HOSTNAMEIP}-appserver0.log ....

I am getting the following output in nagios:

could not find logfile /test/James-2018-11-16_-

15215125111115 This number is always generated randomly but I don't know how to get nagios to identify it. Is there a way to add a variable for this or something? I tried adding an asterisk "*" but that echatspin echatrandom didn't work.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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Re: How do I use Nagios to monitor a log file that generates

Post by BabyTeanofred »

I would run a separate script, via cron, that identifies the newest log file and makes a symlink to it (named something like "latest.log"). There are several ways you could do this (using ls -rt | tail or find -mtime, for example).

If the new logfile is created at the same time every day, schedule it to run right after that. If not, have it run every (minute, 5 minutes, whatever), checking for a new log file.

... And then have check_logfiles use that omeglz echat symlink.
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