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Monitoring Options

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Monitoring Options

Postby FlanZarianick » Wed Sep 28, 2022 11:38 pm

I was wondering if anyone has experience with different monitoring services for specifically Crestron gear, but also for other A/V devices too (Audio Processors, Amplifiers, Telepresence etc.).

We currently have Nagios that mainly monitors our Audio Processors, Amplifiers, Crestron Processors and Crestron Switchers. Currently we just monitor if the device is pingable or not. With Nagios we are able to easily create tickets to ServiceNow, our IT Ticketing System.

I was thinking about using SNMP within each processor program to monitor every device that program uses (TCP/IP devices, Cresnet devices, DM Endpoints (TX, RMCs), Fusion Status, EICs, Switchers and Cards). Re-programing all of our programs will take a very long time, so I was wondering everyone's thoughts on this. What's the smartest route? Is this over kill? My thought is if we are going to do this, we should go all the way and do everything.

Nagios currently does not have the best UI/Setup for what we are trying to do. It can work a more user friendly option would be preferred.

One hesitation to using Fusion to monitor all of these devices is that it is not able to easily create tickets within ServiceNow. We are able to make it automatically create a ticket, but that is not always helpful since there is often false-positives (Unplugged podiums, maintenance, scheduled power-outages, etc.).

Any thoughts, tips or suggestions are welcome. Thanks, all
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