Nagios Core release updated - 4.4.12

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Nagios Core release updated - 4.4.12

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Hey Nagios community, we've updated our original, open-source monitoring solution!

Check out the latest updates to see how Nagios Core 4.4.12 improves your open-source monitoring experience:"
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Re: Nagios Core release updated - 4.4.12

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I'm having a strange problem with Nagios Core version 4.4.12.

When I upgraded Nagios Core from 4.4.11 to 4.4.12 I noticed that all the images next to the hosts are gone even if the upgrade shouldn't have changed paths/permissions.

if with the previous version I tried to go to this path from the web: http://ipnagios/nagios/images/logos/image.png I saw the image, after the update I get an error message saying "404 file not found", do you have any ideas?



image with nagios 4.4.12.png
image with nagios 4.4.12.png (2.29 KiB) Viewed 65 times
image with nagios 4.4.11.png
image with nagios 4.4.11.png (9.44 KiB) Viewed 65 times
image with nagios 4.4.11 (2).png
image with nagios 4.4.11 (2).png (2.26 KiB) Viewed 65 times
debub browser after upgrade.png
debub browser after upgrade (2).png
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