Single instance vs. cluster

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Single instance vs. cluster

Post by randy-ringnalda »

I currently have a single instance Nagios Log Server but unless I keep the indexes pruned it has serious performance issues.

Currently there are 80 hosts but only like or so send a lot of logs to the system.

Would it work better to have a cluster rather than a single instance?
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Re: Single instance vs. cluster

Post by jmichaelson »

Depending on how powerful your server is, you may want to upgrade it, or alternatively, yes, adding nodes is an option.
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Re: Single instance vs. cluster

Post by jsimon »

To add on to @jmichaelson 's response, we strongly recommend having at least two instances in a cluster to ensure redundancy and avoid data loss.
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Re: Single instance vs. cluster

Post by cnorell »

To add on even more: ideally in different geographic locations.
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