Access Nagvis as Nagios user

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Access Nagvis as Nagios user

Post by stwong »


We setup Nagios Core 4.5.0 and Nagvis 1.9.40 on the same server running Rocky Linux 8.7.
Both works properly. We added link to Nagvis to side bar on Nagios.
However, we would like make Nagios users access Nagvis using their Nagios username without login again.

We did a search on possible methods. All are using the same static user defined in REMOTE_USER in httpd config, not the Nagios username in use.

Would anyone please advise?
Sorry for the newbie question.

Thanks and Regards
/st wong
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Re: Access Nagvis as Nagios user

Post by gwesterman »

Hi @stwong,

After searching for a while and asking around, I have not come across a way to accomplish exactly what you are looking. It does look like automatic login via the nagios user is generally accomplished by statically mapping nagiosadmin to REMOTE_USER. But I will keep my eyes peeled.

Is there a particular reason you want each individual core user to use their credentials to access nagvis? Do you want nagvis to be gated for some users and not for others?

I wish I could've been more helpful, but please keep us updated.

Thank you!
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Re: Access Nagvis as Nagios user

Post by kg2857 »

I think nagvis just uses the standard httpd config.
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Re: Access Nagvis as Nagios user

Post by stwong »

Hi all,

Thanks for your help.

We need this feature per our boss' request :|
He wants different Nagios users can see Nagvis maps they're authorized to.

Besides, if we use the method that set the REMOTE_USER in apache configuration file, seems there is no way to see the login page any more.

To step back, I wonder if it's possible, at least can do following:

1. Nagios user can access Nagvis maps. If can't authenticate as Nagios user, authenticate as a common read-only user.
2. Nagvis admin can login Nagvis and create/edit maps for others to view.

I can now do 1. but for no way to get to 2 any more.

Any suggestion and/or common practice for Nagios/Nagvis integration?

Thanks and Best Regards
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