[Nagios-devel] Inheritance in template based objects

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[Nagios-devel] Inheritance in template based objects

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I welcome being told I'm wrong here.

I had hoped to be able to link services with named host templates,
effectively pre-defining templates hosts and associated services, but Nagios
doesn't seem to use the template concept so early in the inheritance
process. I have about 330 NT servers to set up and wanted to define an
incomplete host template object, with the host name set, then define a set
of complete or incomplete service template objects linked to it. I could
then define several base host objects e.g. file and print server, DHCP
server, Exchange server, Domino server, each with all of the checks you
would commonly like to monitor on a device of that type linked against it.
Then I define my hosts and say what type of function each performs, saving
an enormous amount of entering services. I have of course scripted the cfg
file creation, but it would be very nice to be able to add a new monitoring
item to all of the servers in one hit, rather than having to script the
generation of a new service entry for each. It keeps the files smaller too.

So, two points.

Have I missed something and Nagios already does this? (Please say yes).
Could Nagios be modified to allow service objects or template service
objects to be linked to template host objects in the process of building the
data structure?

Other than that, a fantastically brilliant product. Shame it doesn't run on
NT, I would have had less grief getting it past managemnt, but it got us a
linux box to play with.

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