[Nagios-devel] Feature request

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[Nagios-devel] Feature request

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Hi Folks,

The hostgroup_name feature in service definitions is a lifesaver. Are there
plans to implement any kind of servicegroup_name functionality?

I use nrpe and run roughly from 3 to 20 checks behind nrpe on over 40 hosts.
If nrpe ever goes down, I get 3 to 20 pages instead of just 1. I can setup
the service dependency now but it would require (3 to 20) * 40 hosts
defintions in the file, something I don't care to do! :) If we had a
service group, I could make a service group for every nrpe check per host
and then 1 service dependency definition per host with the service group as
the dependent services...

Not sure how much work this would be or if many people would want this...

Also, I noticed the service dependencies currently use the service
description since there isn't a service name per se as there is with the
hosts. Wouldn't this be required or useful for parsing purposes, names with
no white space included?

Just a sanity check here. I'd appreciate knowing what the developers think
about this.

Aaron Bostick

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