[Nagios-devel] Database / Log File Formats Continued

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[Nagios-devel] Database / Log File Formats Continued

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Hi All,

As they say in the film 'Use the Source Luke', have been through the
xsddefault.c and sorted things out.

If it would be useful for anyone else I will forward information to the list
(or to Ethan).

Let me know.

Best Regards,


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I am continuing to work through the log files for Nagios, while there is
some documentation at :
http://www.netsaint.org/docs/0_0_7/deve ... sfile.html

for the statusfile, there does not appear to be the same for Nagios.

I took a look at my Nagios output and there appear to be two additional
'fields' in the Nagios file (host entries) over the Netsaint one ....

Does anyone know the format for the Nagios file - Ethan, if you have the

Host Status Format:

[] HOST;

etc handy .... I would be happy to check it and to update the Netsaint
documents for Nagios ....



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