Nagios Plugins 2.3.0 Released!

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Nagios Plugins 2.3.0 Released!

Postby swolf » Wed Dec 04, 2019 5:06 pm

The Nagios Plugins Development Team is proud to announce that nagios-plugins 2.3.0 has been released and is available for download.



- Added a plugin "remove_perfdata" to remove perfdata from another plugin's output
- Added a plugin "check_ssl_validity" which verifies a certificate through CRL or OCSP
- Added directory plugins-python containing three Python plugins
- check_apt: Add --only-critical switch
- check_apt: Add --packages-warning (Marc Sánchez)
- check_disk: Add --combined-thresholds to alert on a percentage AND raw units.
- check_disk: Add --inode-perfdata to get extra performance data from inode statistics
- check_disk: Add support for base-10 units kB, MB, GB, TB; rename base-2 units to KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB
- check_disk_smb: Add configfile feature
- check_disk_smb: Added additional smb support
- check_disk_smb: Allow non-latin characters in names (Konstantin Shalygin)
- check_file_age: Use extended plugin output to show one file per line
- check_http: New parameter `--verify-host` will check if -H hostname matches the SSL certificate
- check_icmp: Add Jitter, MOS, Score (Alessandro Ren)
- check_ldap: Add support for checking LDAP cert age (Guillaume Rousse)
- check_mailq: Add mailq -C option for config dir or config file
- check_mailq: Add option for opensmtpd (brigriffin)
- check_mailq: Add support for opensmtpd
- check_mysql_query: Add --character-set flag
- check_ntp: Add --delay flag to circumvent DOS detection
- check_ntp: Add --allow-zero-stratum flag
- check_ntp_time: Add --delay flag to circumvent DOS detection
- check_ntp_time: Add support for monitoring stratum of timesources
- check_oracle: Add support for Oracle XE databases (Peter Athaks)
- check_ping: plugin output will now include hostname and IP address
- check_pgsql: Add --print-query flag
- check_procs: Add FreeBSD jail support (Mathieu Arnold)
- check_procs: Allow process to be excluded from check_procs (Marcel Klein)
- check_procs: Additional performance data metrics (azthec)
- check_radius: Add calling-station-id (cejkar)
- check_smtp: Add --proxy flag for PROXY protocol (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- check_smtp: Add support for --sni (Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz)
- check_snmp: Add --strict flag to ensure returned OID matches -o.
- check_swap: Add --no-swap flag (Mario Trangoni)
- check_ups: Add check for battery runtime left (gino0631)
- lib: Added warning_string/critical_string to struct thresholds for storing originally parsed strings
- ssl_utils: Added certificate expiry data in OK status (check_http, check_smtp, check_tcp) (Matt Capra)


- build: Fix ax_with_python not crashing on Python3 (Michael Orlitzky)
- build: fix for FreeBSD SWAPFORMAT
- build: Fix rpmbuild errors (Josh Coughlan)
- check_disk: autofs being mounted despite '-l'. Fixed, and also excluded some system "fake" mountpoints
- check_disk: Add missing timeout logic
- check_dns: Fix for Bind 9.11.x AAAA records being reported with A record format (Troy Lea)
- check_dns: reverse (PTR) check is now case insensitive
- check_file_age: For multiple files, use the "worst" status instead of the "last" one
- check_file_age: perfdata labels when using multiple files
- check_file_age: For multiple files, don't exit immediately on first file not found
- check_http: Additional header/status checking
- check_http: Fix --no-body
- check_http: When checking certificate, don't check content/status unless specified by --continue-after-certificate
- check_load: Fixed for operating systems which don't have commas in their load averages (like Mac OSX)
- check_log does not check for "-O oldlog"
- check_log lost ability to use regexes for query (-q) in 2.1.4
- check_mysql_query & mysql_query: extra-opts causes crash
- check_ntp/ntp_time/ntp_peer: Fix how thresholds are displayed in performance data
- check_ntp_time calls `write` on a UDP socket without a successful call to `connect`
- check_ntp_time: Periodically returns "Socket timeout" when one of several ntp server doesn't respond
- Fixed crash due to references to undefined variables
- check_ping: FreeBSD ping working natively
- check_procs: Prevent buffer overflow/crash on Solaris
- check_radius: Fix for null pointer dereference (Vít Heřman)
- check_sensors: Fix fault test with --ignore-fault
- check_snmp: Fix --authpasswd option
- check_snmp: Fix perfdata not adhering to plugin dev guidelines
- check_snmp: warning/critical perfdata is returned properly
- check_ups: Change performance data units to match spec. (Temperature and voltage units can be accessed via -e)
- check_wave: produces lots of errors if required arguments are not provided

Thanks to all who have contributed toward this release. If you need assistance installing or using the plugins, please visit our general support forum. Bug reports, feature requests, and additional comments are welcome and may be posted to our plugin development forum.
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