Nagios XI Services NOT Monitored

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Nagios XI Services NOT Monitored

Postby sgreen » Thu Jan 16, 2020 6:08 am

I have been using “Nagios XI” for a while now and this has worked very well until the other day. I have a Windows 2016 server configured as a Direct Access (DA) server. With two network cards one on my LAN & one in the DMZ

From the server (DA) I can ping my Nagios Server and the Nagios can both see & ping the the DA server, However, when it comes to Services I want to monitor on the (DA) server I get "CRITICAL - Socket timeout" This is from trying to monitor the C or D drives using this command line (password changed).

check_xi_service_nsclient!PASSWORD!USEDDISKSPACE!-l C -w 80 -c 95!!!!!

Nagios does not want to see these services at all, I have checked the firewall, and this is enabled with the NS Client configured to allow inbound access. The password within the local config file matches the correct one shown in the above command line. I have switched off the firewall on the Windows 2016 server to test and this made no difference.

I can PING the Nagios server from the DA server and the server shows as UP within Nagios. However, the services do not respond. I have removed and re-installed the client software and removed and add back the DA server using the Nagios "Windows server" wizard and this made no difference either.

Agent Version - NSCP
Server Version - Nagios XI 5.6.9

Any ideas why the services can’t be seen?

Thanks - Steve
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Re: Nagios XI Services NOT Monitored

Postby benjaminsmith » Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:05 pm

Hi Steve,

Welcome to the Nagios Support Forum! Happy to have you here. Was this working correctly before? If so, any chance the IP address of the Windows server changed?

1. Verify the IP address for the allowed hosts filed in the nsclient,ini. Be sure to restart the service after making any changes.
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allowed hosts = <ipaddress Nagios XI server>

2. Run the following nmap command to see if the default NSClient port is available.
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nmap -p 12489

3. Try running the following command from the shell of the Nagios Server and let me know the results.
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/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_nt -H IP_ADDRESS -s "YOUR_PASSWORD" -p 12489 -v UPTIME

4. If you still getting the same error, please upload the nsclient.ini file to the post. Thanks.
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