Low disk space

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Low disk space

Post by mister_monitor »

When I get low on disk space are there files that are safe to delete?
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Re: Low disk space

Post by swolf »

Hi @mister_monitor, thanks for reaching out.

When I run into disk space issues (for any of our products), I generally take a look at how my log rotation is set up - you may find that some old logs aren't necessarily helpful, but aren't deleted in a timely manner.

Otherwise, most of the critical data for the application is in /usr/local/nagiosna or in the mysql database. I would certainly not delete anything from there. I also would take care not to delete any binaries or important system files.

Hopefully that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
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Re: Low disk space

Post by eloyd »

Ouroboros comes to mind, here.
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