Elasticsearch Database Offline

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Elasticsearch Database Offline

Post by randy-ringnalda »

My Nagios Log Server instance keeps having it's elasticserach service stop. This only happened after we changed domain controllers. I have updated the resolv.conf to list the new nameservers. Thoughts?
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Re: Elasticsearch Database Offline

Post by Oliviajsdkf »

Here are a few additional steps you can consider to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

Check Elasticsearch Logs: Review the Elasticsearch logs to see if there are any specific error messages or clues as to why the service is stopping.

Verify Network Connectivity: Ensure that the Nagios Log Server can communicate properly with the new domain controllers and that there are no network issues causing disruptions.

Check Elasticsearch Configuration: Verify the Elasticsearch configuration files to ensure that they are correctly set up, especially after the domain controller change.

Restart Elasticsearch Service: Try restarting the Elasticsearch service manually to see if it starts up without any issues. contexto

Monitor System Resources: Check the system resources (CPU, memory, disk space) to ensure that no resource constraints are causing Elasticsearch to stop unexpectedly.
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Re: Elasticsearch Database Offline

Post by kg2857 »

Might want to check host/IP resolution and look at the ES log file.
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Re: Elasticsearch Database Offline

Post by jmichaelson »

run journalctl -xeu elasticsearch.service to see the log messages it has emitted.
Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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