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Nagios XI - Using Web SSH Terminal

Using Web SSH Terminal

This KB article shows you how to use the web SSH terminal that comes with Nagios XI. The SSH terminal is available as part of the enterprise edition license.

The SSH terminal is located by navigating to Admin > System Config > SSH Terminal.




The terminal uses a self-signed certificate that needs to be added as an exception before it can be used. Click the Open terminal in a new window link to do this.



This example shows how Mozilla Firefox handles certificate exceptions, other web browsers will have similar methods. Click the Advanced button and then click the Add Exception button.



In the screenshot above you will need to click the Confirm Security Exception button to proceed. Once this has done the screen will refresh and the terminal window will appear, close this window.

Refresh the SSH terminal screen by navigating to Admin > System Config > SSH Terminal.



Here you are presented with an embedded SSH terminal session. You can login to this just like you would using an SSH client.


Note: Be aware that if you navigate away from this screen your session will be disconnected. You should try and use the Open terminal in a new window link where possible to maintain an open SSH session.



Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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