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Nagios XI - Windows Event Log Check With WMI


If you are using WMI to perform your Windows monitoring you can leverage the check_wmi_plus.pl plugin to perform event log checks.



Create a service that uses the check_xi_service_wmiplus command. The following examples show the values required in the $ARGx$ fields.

Check Windows event log system for errors in the last 4 hours. Warn on 1 occurrence, critical if 6 or more.

$ARG1$ = adminstrator
$ARG2$ = password
$ARG3$ = checkeventlog
$ARG4$ = -a system -o 2 -3 4 -w 1 -c 6


Check Windows event log application for errors in last 1 hour. Warn on 3 occurrences, critical on 6 or more.

$ARG1$ = adminstrator
$ARG2$ = password
$ARG3$ = checkeventlog
$ARG4$ = -a application -o 2 -3 4 -w 3 -c 6


Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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