Nagios Core - The Art & Zen of Managing Nagios with Puppet - NWC14

The Art & Zen of Managing Nagios with Puppet - NWC14

The trend towards DevOps has brought new levels of agility and responsiveness to all sorts of IT organizations, from small startups to large enterprises. But with the constant production changes that Agile methodology brings, how can you make sure Nagios is monitoring everything it needs to, and nothing it doesn’t? Puppet is a popular tool system management tool for realizing the DevOps dream of “infrastructure as code”. Not surprisingly, Puppet has advanced features for maintaining your Nagios configuration. After a brief introduction to Puppet and its capabilities, we will dive in to Puppet’s use of Naginator to generate dynamic Nagios configs through several Nagios-specific resource types. Concrete examples will be given of an approach that guarantees that hosts and services that get managed by Puppet will automatically be monitored by Nagios. The talk will also cover the use of Nagios to monitor Puppet and ensure that all of your systems are being properly managed.




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