NRDP - Passive Check Results Not Being Submitted To Nagios

Problem Description

You have configured NRDP on your Nagios server and you observe the following:

  • Passive check results are received from an NCPA client
  • You can see the files spooling and then being processed in the /usr/local/nagios/var/spool directory
  • Nothing is logged in nagios.log to say the check results are received
  • The nagios.log reports that the service has gone stale and is forcing an immediate check of the service (freshness threshold for the service has been exceeded)


Resolving The Problem

Check to make sure the nagios and apache users are a member of the nagios_command_group defined in /usr/local/nrdp/server/, which by default is nagcmd:


// the name of the system group that has write permissions to the external command file
// this group is also used to set file permissions when writing bulk commands or passive check results
// NOTE: both the Apache and Nagios users must be a member of this group


Final Thoughts

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