Nagios Log Server - License Entitlements

Nagios Log Server License Entitlements

Every Nagios Log Server License key is valid for 2 installs, each with their own specific purpose. Each install is necessary to properly manage and maintain a fully functional monitoring implementation. The following install descriptions are listed below:

  1. Production Install - The main monitoring install for a given license key. This is the install that system administrators use on their production servers and infrastructure to monitor their environment and receive notifications when systems are not working properly.

  2. Test/Lab Environment - The second install is for use in a test environment. This ensures that when upgrades are necessary, or major configuration changes are implemented, there are not adverse effects to the main monitoring system. The test install allows teams to “preview” their changes without jeopardizing the main system.

These use cases, when implemented correctly, provide organizations with an infrastructure monitoring system capable of handling any environment. If you have any questions about licensing terms for Nagios Log Server, or any additional questions regarding Nagios Solutions contact us at

If you require data redundancy, this can be achieved by running a 2+ instance Log Server cluster. Clustering Nagios Log Server provides you with mirrored copies of your data spread across all of your Instances.

Note: Deviation from the above use cases is a violation of Nagios license terms and conditions. For more information, contact


Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:

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