Nagios XI - Backup and Restore Options


This article explains the different backup and restore options available in Nagios XI.



The restore method is only available in an ssh/cli session and is explained in detail in the following article:

Documentation - Backing Up And Restoring Your Nagios XI System

Any full backup created by Nagios XI can be restored this way.


Manual Backups

If you want to perform a once off manual backup this can be done via Admin > System Backups > Local Backup Archives.

The backup is stored in /store/backups/nagiosxi/ in a .tar.gz file.

You can also review the existing local backups from this page. You can download a copy of the backup or delete it.


Scheduled Backups

There are currently three supported methods of scheduled backups:


All of these methods can be configured via Admin > System Backups > Scheduled Backups.

In relation to the FTP and SSH backups, the backup is created locally on the Nagios XI server and then transferred to the remote server. Hence you will need enough free space on the XI server to create the backup before it is transferred. Once transferred the local copy is removed.


Automatic Backups

When performing an upgrade of Nagios XI through the GUI, a backup is taken first. These can be accessed via Admin > System Backups > Local Backup Archives.

The backup is stored in /store/backups/nagiosxi/ in a .tar.gz file, it will begin with the name autoupgrade_backup.


Final Thoughts

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