Nagios XI DB - Maintenance Architecture

DB Maintenance Overview

This DB Maintenance cron job of Nagios XI is responsible for optimizing and truncating database tables based on the user defined settings located in Admin -> Performance Settings -> Database Tab.


Architecture Components And Execution Flow

The general flow of execution of the Event Manager subsystem works as follows:

  1. A user defines the amount of time they would like to keep certain types of data in Admin -> Performance Settings -> Database tab

  2. The settings are saved in the xi_options table of the nagiosxi mysql database (mariadb on cent/rhel 7 and postgresql on XI versions less than 5)

  3. The dbmaint.php script runs as a background process and grabs the settings from xi_options.  The dbmaint.php script is located at /usr/local/nagiosxi/cron/dbmaint.php and runs under cron every 5 minutes.  The cron job is defined in /etc/cron.d/nagiosxi

  4. The dbmaint.php script truncates entries from tables that are older than the time specified in 

  5. The dbmaint.php script updates the last run time in the xi_meta table of the nagiosxi database


Troubleshooting Problems

Some potential problems with the Event Manager subsystem, as well as troubleshooting information are listed below:

Problem: Admin -> System Status displays a red X next to Database Maintenance

Potential Causes:


Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:

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