Automatic Nagios Core Migration to Nagios XI

Automatically Migrating Nagios Core to Nagios XI



As of Nagios XI 5.8, users now have the ability to automatically migrate their Nagios Core data to Nagios XI. Although Nagios Core provides capable monitoring features, Nagios XI provides many more easy-to-use features that allow you to get a full and robust picture of your monitorable systems. Some of these extended features are:


Core Migration

After installing or upgrading your Nagios XI instance, you can automatically migrate your Nagios Core instance after entering some authentication information about your Nagios Core server.

To automatically migrate your core instance:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Migrate Server.

  2. Expand the Advanced Settings section and enter the following information:
  3. Click the Migrate button.
  4. If the core migration fails, the error that occurred will be displayed.
  5. If the core migration is successful, you will see the success screen with all green checkmarks. You can also click on the 'critical host/services' link to see any migrated hosts or services that are in a critical status. 


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Manually Migrating from Nagios Core

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