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Title:What have you done with my favorite website?
FAQ ID:F0110
Submitted By:Ethan Galstad 
Last Updated:05/22/2003

Description:User wants to know what happened to their favorite website. Last time they checked it was working fine. Now all that's displayed on the home page is the Nagios web interface. 


I never imagined I'd have to make a FAQ for this, but you would not believe how many emails I get about this issue. I find it especially amusing when people email me demanding to know what happened to their favorite porn or warez website. 🙂 Crazy.

At any rate, I have not hijacked your favorite website, nor do I have anything to do with why the main page was overwritten. The webmaster or system administrator for the site in question must have accidentally setup Nagios incorrectly. Don't worry - I'm sure the website will return in all its original glory somtime soon. If not, contact the website administrator. Just to clarify, I am not that person.

There are a few ways you can try and get in touch with the webmaster of the website in question. One is to check for a cached copy of the website on the Wayback Machine and see if you can find a reference to the admin's email address. A typical email address for webmasters is usually in the form of (replace with the actual address of the website).

Hope that helps.


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