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FAQ Database : Nagios : Error and Warning Messages

Title:Checking the status of Nagios with MySQL or PostgreSQL DB support
FAQ ID:F0131
Submitted By:Shayne Lebrun 
Last Updated:01/20/2003

Description:When running Nagios with status information being logged to database, Nagios claims that the monitoring process may not be running, or finds a status update that is 30 years old. 


That's because you're logging to database, but Nagios' CGI is checking the status log. In the cgi.cfg, for the nagios_check_command, try using the program found in the 'contrib' section of the Nagios Plugins distribution. You'll need to hack the perl a wee bit, if only to change where it's looking for the Nagios config files, where it gets the database information.

Then, add it to the cgi.cfg (I had to include the perl interpreter for some strange reason):

nagios_check_command=/usr/bin/perl /usr/local/nagios/libexec/


Keywords:status monitor mysql postgres nagios_check_command