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Title:Why do I get notifications when hosts are UNREACHABLE?
FAQ ID:F0014
Submitted By:Ethan Galstad 
Last Updated:06/02/2009


When a host become UNREACHABLE, you may receive notifications about it. For many people this does not make sense - they only want to be notified if a host is DOWN.



I get a lot of emails asking why Nagios isn't smart enough to disable notifications for hosts that unreachable. The fact of the matter is that Nagios is smart enough to distinguish between DOWN and UNREACHABLE states - you just have to configure your notification options properly.

Check your object configuration files and you will probably find that you enabled the unreachable notification option in one or more host definitions. If you don't want to get notified when a host becomes unreachable, this option must be disabled.

See the documentation on object configuration files and notification logic for more information on how to configure notification options for hosts.


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