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Title:NSCA deactivating due to excessive incoming connections
FAQ ID:F0144
Submitted By:Gerald Wichmann 
Last Updated:02/25/2003


In /var/log/messages on a nagios server running the nsca daemon, you may notice xinetd stopping and restarting your service due to too many connections as follows:

Feb 20 14:54:32 localhost xinetd[717]: Deactivating service nsca due to excessive incoming connections.  Restarting in 30 seconds.
Feb 20 14:55:02 localhost xinetd[717]: Activating service nsca

More recent versions of xinetd (e.g. the one that ships with RH8) have a new parameter called "cps" that's now in /etc/xinetd.conf. This parameter has two arguments. The first is how many connections per second xinetd will allow to a service by default and the second is how many seconds it'll wait before reactivating a service that violates it. The default is "cps = 25 30". This will cause xinetd to stop the NSCA daemon due to too many incoming connections. 


The proper fix is to edit your /etc/xinetd.d/nsca file and add "cps = #1 #2" where #1 is either UNLIMITED or a number higher then the number of connections you expect NSCA to have to handle.

Also of interest is the "instances" parameter which by default is 60 in /etc/xinetd.d. I'd recommened adjusting that appropriately as well. 

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