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Title:How do I avoid having to configure Sendmail?
FAQ ID:F0150
Submitted By:Jim Carroll 
Last Updated:06/02/2009


I can't figure out how to configure Sendmail, and alternatives such as Postfix, Qmail, Exim, etc. are overkill for my needs.

Can Nagios send mail directly to another mailhost?



Nagios is not an MTA (mail transfer agent), so no, Nagios cannot do that. That's what Sendmail does rather well, although many folks would rather not bother fiddling with it to get it to work properly.

Having said that, there *are* a couple of basic replacements for Sendmail which will simply forward outbound mail to a smarterhost for subsequent delivery:



One of these should take care of what you need to accomplish.


Keywords:sendmail notification MTA SMTP smarterhost