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Title:Installing NRPE under inetd on Solaris
FAQ ID:F0152
Submitted By:Gerald Wichmann 
Last Updated:03/05/2003


Running the NRPE plugin in standalone mode works however when trying to run it under inetd it does not. Netstat -a shows the Solaris box *is* listening on the proper port and no messages are in /var/adm/message or /var/log/syslog that display any problem when starting or trying to connect to the plugin. The inetd setup was done without tcpwrappers..

When attempting to run a check the result is similar to the below:

[root@PS-NAT libexec]# ./check_nrpe -c check_smtp
CHECK_NRPE: Received 0 bytes.  Are we allowed to connect to the host?


The /etc/inetd.conf entry is likely to be wrong. the 6th column should have the path to the nrpe plugin while the 7th column should have the path and actual command and arguments following. An example is below. If the 6th column isn't there, you will get the above symptoms/results.

# Nagios NRPE Daemon
nrpe    stream  tcp     nowait  nagios  /usr/sbin/nrpe /usr/sbin/nrpe -c /usr/local/nagios/nrpe.cfg --inetd

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