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Title:Cant pass bang (!) as string to plugin (i.e. check_http)
FAQ ID:F0157
Submitted By:Jason Lancaster 
Last Updated:05/15/2003


In your service definition file, you may need to execute a plugin (In this case check_http) pass bang (!) as string to plugin.


check_command check_http!-S -u /post.html -P username=abc&password=!ab2!z! -s status

The problem with this is the password has bang's (!) and Nagios translates these into arguments when it executes the check_http command.



Since this is posting a url, you may use url encoding to pass the required character for this and replace ! with %21.

check_command check_http!-S -u /post.html -P username=abc&password=%21ab2%21z%21 -s status has a nice list of any value you may need.


Keywords:bang check_http ! url encoding post arguments services.cfg