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Title:Why are you paging or emailing me?
FAQ ID:F0166
Submitted By:Ethan Galstad 
Last Updated:05/22/2003


Someone has started receiving email and/or pager notifications that are coming from Nagios. They would like to know why they're being paged and are asking me if I could remove them from the paging/emailing nightmare they are currently experiencing.



Unfortunately, someone has (probably accidentally) added your email address, cell phone or pager number to their Nagios notification configuration. I have nothing to do with it, and therefore can be of little assistance. Sorry.

Believe me, I do feel your pain. I have had plenty of people accidentally add me to their notifications and have had a hell of a time tracking down the perpetrators. If you're receiving email notifications, the best best would be to inspect the message headers and see where they're originating from. Once you do that, try and contact the system admins, upstream ISP, or paging/cellphone provider. That may not help much though - someone decided to forge my address in their mail headers and the support staff at one large telecom (which will go unnamed) kept telling me that forging an email address was "not possible". @#!%*


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