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Title:Monitoring process may not be running
FAQ ID:F0170
Submitted By:Subhendu Ghosh 
Last Updated:06/02/2003

Description:The Nagios web interface says: "Warning: Nagios process may not be running", but the process is running (a ps listing shows it). 


In your CGI config file (cgi.cfg) there is a "nagios_check_command" directive that needs to be configured. This is the command that the CGIs execute to determine whether or not the Nagios process is running properly or not. The check command needs to be adapted to your local system, as described below.

For file-based status data: use the "check_nagios" plugin - modify the argument for the -C parameter based on your ps output.

For database status data: use the "check_nagios_db" plugin from the contrib directory of the plugins distribution.


Keywords:process not running