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Title:Status Map user defined coordinates with mysql
FAQ ID:F0203
Submitted By:Barry Ayow 
Last Updated:01/08/2005

Description:The Status Map CGI is not paying attention to the x,y 2d coordinates defined in the hostextinfo table in mysql. The CGI throws out "you have not provided coordinates ..." 


  1. read the source code to see what the SQL query is doing. It's selecting a column "have_2d_coords".
  2. set the value of the column "have_2d_coords" to "true" with the integer 1. By default, it's 0.
  3. Done. Now you can make use of the user defined coordinates in the database.

While this may have seemed obvious, some mention of the additional columns in the database would be helpful in the documentation. The remaining columns are equally applicable in the template configuration and should not require any further explanation.