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Title:Cannot get statusmap, etc. to work under solaris (9 but maybe lower)
FAQ ID:F0204
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Last Updated:11/19/2003

Description:I've installed nagios, the gdlibrary, etc.. Nagios says everything's ok, but I still cannot get the any of the graphical portions of the web interface running. 


You need to use crle to update your library path.

Do a crle and it will show you your library path. Once you get the information (may just be /usr/lib), then do the following command this assumes /usr/lib is the only library outputted from crle the first time):

crle -l /usr/lib:/usr/local/lib

This will add /usr/local/lib to the lib search and allow Nagios to display the appropriate graphics, etc... (statusmap, etc...) 

Keywords:statusmap web library gd