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Title:Incorrect Ping Warnings
FAQ ID:F0214
Submitted By:Russ Beaupre 
Last Updated:03/23/2004

Description:Ping service checks were resulting in a WARNING state for many hosts, even though the status information showed acceptable ping times. Manual pings confirmed that the hosts were in fact in an OK state. 

Solution:Using Gentoo 1.4 (2.4.20 kernel). The ping command would frequently return a warning to the effect of "No Socket Filter Installed", but would ping away anyway. If the warning message appeared in the result check, then the host would be listed in a WARNING state. Compiling Socket Filters into the kernel apparently corrects this problem. I don't know if this is common knowledge in Linux circles, but it caused me a bit of frustration and I thought I'd mention it. 

Keywords:ping warning gentoo